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Freelance Show—Come on in, we’re open

0 Comments 15 September 2009

Freelance Show—Come on in, we’re open

Well, hello there. Glad you stopped by. Let me tell you a lit­tle about this blog, what we will be cov­er­ing and who is behind it.

The Free­lance Show is here to offer tips, advice, arti­cles and resources to graphic design­ers, web design­ers and other cre­ative entre­pre­neurs who are new to freelancing—or who have haven been free­lanc­ing for a while, but want to grow their business.

My name is Neil Brown, founder of the Free­lance Show. I have free­lanced and worked as a Cre­ative Direc­tor for a lit­tle over 12 years now. I now run my design busi­ness, Brown Adver­tis­ing, full-time from my home office in NC. I cut my teeth in print design, get­ting in on the tail end of some archaic paste up duties involv­ing a wax machine, lay­out sheets, an X-acto™ knife and bor­der tape. (Man, in some ways, I miss those days!).

I am pas­sion­ate and fas­ci­nated by the advances in web design and tech­nol­ogy. I was a lit­tle slow to enter­ing the web design arena but now it makes up the major­ity of my design busi­ness. I feel I’ve learned a lot about design—and a lot about busi­ness and deal­ing with clients.

One thing I that has been con­stant over my career is that I enjoy help­ing oth­ers who are just start­ing out, or really any­one who I can help. It’s cer­tainly not to say I know it all, nor have encoun­tered every sit­u­a­tion because I am still actively learn­ing and grow­ing my busi­ness to take it to that next level myself.

I also enjoy teach­ing, which I do on occa­sion as an adjunct instruc­tor in the graphic design depart­ment of my local com­mu­nity col­lege. So the Free­lance Show is the nat­ural pro­gres­sion of me want­ing to help and teach oth­ers and, in turn, con­tinue to grow and develop myself. It’s a win-win com­bi­na­tion of giv­ing back to the com­mu­nity and get­ting in return.

I hope to offer a friendly, casual and help­ful envi­ron­ment at the Free­lance Show where design­ers and other cre­atives can throw out ideas, con­tribute to con­ver­sa­tions and develop rela­tion­ships. I try not to take myself too seri­ously and if I have an occa­sional typo, please for­give me—I don’t write for a liv­ing :-)

So again, wel­come, and I sin­cerely hope you return to visit and take a few moments to inter­act here by leav­ing com­ments and adding your points to the articles.

Here’s to your free­lance success! 



Neil Brown

Photo by Takomabibelot

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Neil Brown

Neil Brown - who has written 16 posts on Freelance Show.

Neil Brown is the founder of the Freelance Show and runs Brown Advertising, LLC, a successful graphic design studio.

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